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Fabi Saad brings, through the Positive Women program, characters of strength, determination and true protagonists in different segments.

Every Sunday, the program is broadcast through Grupo Jovem Pan on several platforms - radio, TV, YouTube, Panflix app and audio platforms.
Mulheres Positivas is more than just a program — it is a movement that aims to promote the personal and professional development of women through digital products and services.

From innovation in the business world to the art of balancing personal life with professional ambitions, Fabi Saad leads dialogues that not only inform, but also inspire and strengthen through the program.

Join us for this weekly meeting and be part of a community that believes in the transformative power of women's stories.
Positive Women isn't just about watching; it's about connecting, learning and growing together.
Prepare to be inspired!

Watch now on Youtube

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