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ONE Program

For those who want to learn and are in a hurry to work!

100% free

100% online

6 months duration with Certification

Limited places, exclusively for women over 18 years old. Registration open from 05/15/24 to 06/11/24. Check all the details in the student manual.


We believe in the potential of technology to transform people's lives.....

Mulheres Positivas, in partnership with Oracle, is offering more than 3,500 Technology Training scholarships through ONE - Education and Employability Program, which has the support of Mulheres Positivas.


Focused on training for personal and professional growth, promoting job opportunities for financial independence and gender equality, we want to reduce the lack of women in technology and boost their careers.


Learning technology is worth a lot, but it doesn't have to cost anything.

Here is the right place to start learning

Training and Course Contents

Track 1 - Programming Logic

Programming Logic: you will learn how to create simple programs.

Personal Development: we will work on everything from changing your mindset towards high performance to your public speaking skills.


Track 2 - Specialization in Front-End or Back-End

Front-End: will enable you to create your first web pages in HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages.

React with JavaScript: will teach you about the React library and how it makes it easy to create interactive user interfaces.

Java: you will learn about the first steps of this object-oriented programming language. Spring Framework: it will teach you about the facilitating structure of Java applications that helps in optimizing development work.


Soft Skills

Digital Entrepreneurship: you will learn about the skills needed to undertake.

Business Agility: you will learn the methodology that many technology teams use and that contributes to agile transformation in companies.


Trails for AlumniONE - Group of graduated students

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure/ SQL with MySQ

Oracle Server/Python, Data Science in OCI and

Oracle Analytics/Artificial Intelligence

Training and Course Contents

What is Oracle?

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational technology and computing company, specialized in the development and commercialization of hardware and software and databases.


What is ONE?

Created by Oracle and carried out in partnership with Alura, the ONE program is an education and employability program that trains people in technology and connects them to the job market with the support of partner companies.


The course lasts 6 months, is 100% free and online, and was created for those who did not have access to quality education. At the end of the course, the program provides a certificate of completion so that students can work in the job market as an early-career developer.


What is ONE’s partnership with Mulheres Positivas?

ONE works with Mulheres Positivas to reach more women and contribute to the formation of a female audience in the technology market.


Who can participate?

Be over 18 years old;

Have access to the internet and a computer to complete the course;

Have availability of 4 hours a day to study;

Do not work with technology and/or systems development;

Not be attending ONE at the time of registration;

Not be a member of the AlumniONE alumni community.


Is the program free?

Yes, ONE is 100% free at every stage, from registration to training. If the student becomes part of the AlumniONE community, the benefits of the program remain free.

What is the minimum age to participate?

Over 18 years.

How long is the program?

The program lasts 6 months.

Do I need to have experience in the area to participate?

No, ONE is the right place for you to start learning.

Who will generate the certificate of completion?

The course completion certificate is generated by Alura, signed by Oracle.

Registration open from 05/15/24 to 06/11/24

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