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Ana Paula Feitosa

Our Positive Woman is Ana Paula Feitosa, director of Agência Yolk. She tells us about her professional journey and the challenges she faced in making a career change, which ended up being her greatest achievement.

1. How did your career start? I graduated in journalism from PUC SP, in 1996, and, despite my plan to pursue a career as a magazine journalist, I discovered press relations during my internship, becoming enchanted by corporate communication. Working in this segment made me seek specialization in marketing, ESPM, to serve the many brands I have worked with over the years, Cartier, Accor, BMW, Mini Cooper, Dom Perignon, Moët Chandon, Terrazas, The Peninsula Hotel, among others. I worked at Index Assessoria for 11 years, where I left the position of partner and then opened my own agency in 2015, focused more on digital communication

2. How is the Yolk Agency business model formatted? A boutique agency, which meets the communication demands of each client, in the most personalized way possible, we also provide consultancy for digital positioning, tracing paths for brands and I created specific mentoring for independent professionals to create a personal brand and digital positioning

3. What was the most difficult moment in your career? It was definitely the decision to leave more than 10 years in the company to open my own business, I left a partnership format with 4 people, to dedicate myself to a new work format, alone. It was quite difficult, but after a while I became certain that it was the best choice.

4. How do you manage to balance your personal life x corporate/entrepreneurial life? Maturity brings this type of advantage, we understand our limits and put them out into the world. I have the agency close to my house, which makes it a lot easier, today my son is already an adult, which makes it a lot easier too, but I think the most important thing was understanding that I need to have time for each of the things, without swallowing the other.

5. What is your biggest dream? Publish a book about communication, which I am writing.

6. What is your greatest achievement? Having set up a business in a format that I am very proud of, which has respect as its premise, quality of life for the people around me as a guide.

7. Book, film and woman you admire (cannot be your mother).

Essay on Blindness - José Saramago

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Doctor Nise da Silveira



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