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Silvia Sanches

Our Positive Woman is Silvia Sanches, systemic mentor, constellator, accounting expert, daughter, sister, friend. Silvia tells how she started her career and states that when faced with difficulties, she always suggested the following: “Look again, check what the situation is and how it is preparing you for the next stage. Take the opportunity".

1. How did your career start?

At eight years old, faced with the needs and seeing the pain my mother was going through, I talked to myself, looked at what I had, what could be done and decided to start a business selling coconut candy and coconut candies. Here I started to observe life and people, pay attention and listen to what they told me. From then on, I never stopped, I moved forward and did what I never dreamed of at that time: I attended university, opened a company and completed my training in Ohio.

2. How is Pró-Ação’s business model formatted?

Today Pró-Ação has two fronts: 1) Accounting Expertise – a completely technical area, in which we assist our clients as technical assistants, but a strategic perspective makes all the difference in the results; 2) Accountability of Human Life and Organizations – here we work with mentoring, training, lectures, workshops and constellations through our own methodology and gamification.

3. What was the most difficult moment in your career?

When I went in search of knowledge to build a tool that brought understanding and not judgment. At first it was challenging, then, as I progressed in building the “Game Mind Design” it was surprising. During the validation I was delighted, but then it was the worst phase, as I got stuck and didn't feel worthy of such evolution and direction. This was the most difficult phase of my entire journey and I have been through many phases.

4. How do you manage to balance your personal life vs. corporate/entrepreneurial life?

I work with human and organizational development, so first I had to travel within myself, seeking self-knowledge (which I always do) and trying to understand the value of life and the opportunities of moments, because it wasn't always like this. From then on, I began to accept that I am “perfectly imperfect”, I understood that I have strengths, areas for improvement and also points of incapacity. So, I was able to recognize the need to be complemented by others and the importance of balance to achieve results. This made me understand that dosing and giving each part its value and importance brings life and plenitude. This also allows me to do an alignment and compensation exercise and be able to be present in the present.

5. What is your biggest dream?

Impact the largest number of people, take what I learned from my journey and show that when we expand our vision, we can make more assertive and fulfilling choices.

6. What is your greatest achievement?

Accept being who I am.

7. Book, film and woman you admire.

There are many books: “Bible”; “The Knight in Armor”, by Robert Fisher; “The Case of the Cave Explorers”, by Lon L. Fuller; “In the center we feel lightness”, by Bert Hellinger”;” Animal Farm and 1984”, both by George Orwell, among others. Films: The Fight for Hope; The theory of everything; Stars Beyond Time; A Brilliant Mind, among others. Woman you admire: Maria da Penha and Cris Arcangeli.



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