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Rejane Toigo

Our Positive Woman is Rejane Toigo, digital strategist and founder of Like Marketing. Rejane tells us how she started her career and reveals how some changes impacted her life in a positive way. Today, the entrepreneur in the digital products segment makes the company grow 300% per year.

1 - How did your career start?

I graduated in dentistry and when I was working as a specialist in endodontics, I started having some crises and wondering if I would really be happy inside a dental office. It was at this stage that I met my husband, who at the time owned the clothing brand, No Stress. I lived in Santa Catarina and worked with him for a few years and managed some stores, when he needed to go to work with his family.

At that moment, I had four stores in shopping centers and two franchises of a new children's store model. So I was in retail for almost ten years. And at some point I started to see internet sales as a reality. Due to customer demand, I decided that I needed to set up an e-commerce for my stores. It was at this stage, in 2009, that I had my first contact with digital.

I started studying hard to set up an e-commerce and I understood that the business model of my stores was not a model that could take me where I wanted. So I tried to organize myself to sell, closed some store units and saw digital marketing, especially content marketing, as the future. I realized that people would start to use the internet more and more through social networks and social networks would be a new point of sale. So in 2011 I set up Like Marketing.

After Like Marketing evolved and we started to do not only social media marketing, but the entire 360 ​​marketing of a company and at a certain point we discovered the infoproduct which is a form of education marketing and this became very attractive.

A little before 2016 I started working with healthcare professionals. I launched information products, that is, an infoproduct, I launched some courses and since then we have grown within the healthcare area and today we are one of the main agencies producing medical content in this segment. In parallel to this, we have internal courses, which are digital marketing courses where we teach people how to work with digital marketing.

These courses arose out of an internal need to train the team, so I needed to hire someone, and as we are in the interior of Santa Catarina, there was no specialized labor and we needed to do this.  That's when we started producing videos to train those who came to work with us. And these videos ended up becoming courses that we also make available to the market.


2 - How is Like Marketing’s business model formatted?

Like has three arms. The first arm is service provision, content marketing and digital marketing. We build positioning strategies for professionals or companies in the healthcare sector and execute these strategies. So we develop content for blogs, YouTube and websites. Static website pages, podcasts, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and all social networks that the client needs to operate on. This format is our service provision arm.

We also have a portfolio of recurring customers and 100% of them are in the healthcare sector. If one of these clients is interested in launching their product, an online course, we will develop the sales strategy for that course and the sales strategy based on the audience we are building with content marketing. At that moment the client becomes a member of Like Launches. Where he becomes one of our experts. Hence we started calling him no longer a client, but an expert. We carry out the entire digital part and guide the professional on how he should do it, what he has to do, to do everything that is up to him so that we have results with the sale of this course.

Our other arm is Like Ensina, which we transformed Like Marketing into a teaching agency. Like Ensina has several digital marketing courses that students can sign up for, the main course is social media training where I place well-positioned professionals on the market to work in social media, to work with content marketing and develop their businesses. along the lines and methodology we work at Like. We also have other peripheral courses, but they are all content marketing. From March onwards we will have the Like Escola program, where students will be able to come to the company - upon selection - and spend one or two weeks doing an internship in all Like sectors. Our goal is for companies, content marketing businesses and small agencies to be able to see how a large agency works and to improve their processes to provide better services and achieve fairer billing.


3 - What was the most difficult moment of your career?

The most difficult moment of my career was when I had stores and I realized that the business was not profitable, that my business model was not a sustainable model. I got into debt, it was a difficult time and I didn't even have the money to close the stores. I owed money to the mall, I owed taxes, I was always late on my card and I had a very large payroll and was unable to pay employees' severance payments. I think this was the most difficult moment.  The one where my self-esteem was really shaken. I had moments when I thought “my God, I gave up dentistry to come to this business and feel like a failure!” 

Digital marketing was what literally woke me up and gave me perspective so I could continue working to pay off those debts. When I closed the stores, I had around one million reais in debt, at the beginning of 2011. Fortunately, the possibilities in digital, at that time, were not so significant, but they already existed. Over time, it got even better. Opportunities increased and we managed to organize ourselves so that today we can have a profitable company.

4 - How do you manage to balance your personal life x corporate/entrepreneurial life?

I see this question a lot out there, I see a lot of people talking about it and I honestly don't have this difficulty.  I think I'm the same person personally and corporately. So, I don't see the need to balance, because I'm going on vacation now and, although I'm not working directly, I'm working all the time. That's what an entrepreneur is, right? I never stop being entrepreneurial when I'm having dinner with my husband, when I'm enjoying myself with my family or when I'm traveling on vacation. I also don't stop being a person when I'm at work. So for me, it's not a difficult thing, because you're both things all the time. Therefore, I don't know if it makes sense to say that I need this balance, within me both things are very alive. I run a business, I'm a woman, and I'm all things all the time. I don't have that difficulty or that dilemma.

I've always been everything at the same time and for me it's obvious that sometimes you leave the company to solve a problem for your child or leave your child to solve a problem at the company. This is part of anyone's life.

Today my son is 17 years old, he actually works with me and so does his husband. So it helps because our family life is also within the company.

Some things happened this year that I think are important to talk about. After two years of the pandemic in which we had many people working online, where the office was empty and I went to the office alone, we decided to do a renovation in 2022.  We carried out an expansion that lasted nine months. During these nine months I was without a room. So, I brought my room from the company home. And that's something I'm not going to do anymore. It's something I learned during this period: I want to go to the company to work. 

So maybe my separation or my balance is in physical spaces. I don't want to but have an office at home. I want to get home and close the “looping” of company things. 

The company is on the land behind my house, so I can easily just walk across the garden. Still, it's what I want for myself. Having my office there and when I get home, when I cross the garden and get home, I understand that I am no longer connected to the company's issues.


5 - What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to make Like manage itself. This is a project that I have just started, self-management. I want to be able to spend six months at a university outside the country, studying neuroscience. That's what I want. I would also like to have a project to popularize neuroscience, to explain to people how the brain works, because I know that this can change a lot of people's lives. If a child knew how the brain works or a person knew what alcohol does to their brain they probably wouldn't drink. So I think this information is missing in the world. I don't know if I'll make it happen, because sometimes dreams are also meant to be dreamed and not to be fulfilled. I don't know if I'll make it happen, but it's a dream I have.

6 - What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is a marriage of twenty-three years, a 17-year-old son who has never used drugs, who is a skateboarder, and who also works at Like Marketing. Having created a company that develops people and, through knowledge, makes these people gain financial freedom.

At the end of the year, an employee who has worked at the agency for a year and a half was able to buy a car for his father, a teacher - who only had a motorbike - and he had to travel to another city to teach. When I see these things that came from what I planted, the fruits that came from what we started eleven years ago, I feel very happy. I consider these three things to be my greatest achievements. A healthy, intelligent child, a prosperous and balanced marriage and a self-sustainable company that helps and positions people to achieve their financial freedom.

 7 - A book, a film and a woman he admires

A book: THE SELFISH GENE by Richard Dawkins

A film: A Beautiful Mind

A woman: Coco Chanel (in memorian); Angela Merkel; Sabrina Sato



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