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Fernada Prado

Our Positive Woman is Fernanda Prado, a prominent hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy teacher, and expert in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), with additional experience in systemic therapy and subconscious internal communication. She has been a resident of London for over 13 years. Fernanda combines her background in business administration and has a career full of remarkable achievements, including her previous role as head at the British Parliament. Additionally, she dedicates some of her time to volunteering, including her involvement with the St Paul’s Cancer Trust, offering essential support to cancer patients on their journey. As a speaker, Fernanda shares her passion and knowledge, inspiring others to explore the potential of the mind.

1. How did your career begin? My professional journey began in the field of business administration, followed by postgraduate studies in English. In Brazil, I worked in shipping agencies and multinational companies before moving to London. In the British capital, I had the opportunity to contribute in iconic venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the British Parliament. Although I pursued a career in finance, I realized that my true calling was in holistic therapy, which I am passionate about as a hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy teacher. For me, helping to transform lives is not just a profession but a heartfelt choice. I believe in this purpose, which is also a journey of self-healing and transformation, and that is what gives meaning to my story.

2. How is your company's business model structured? My work as a hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy teacher is structured to integrate various therapeutic approaches. In addition to hypnotherapy, I incorporate techniques such as neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and energy work, such as Thetahealing and Pranic Healing. This combination of tools allows me to offer a comprehensive and personalized approach for each client. As a hypnotherapy teacher, I also share my knowledge and experience to empower other professionals to help their own clients. In my sessions, lectures, and workshops, I seek to adapt and apply these techniques to provide a personal growth and transformation experience for each person I work with.

3. What was the most difficult moment of your career? One of the most challenging moments was when I needed to make a career transition, leaving behind an important job in parliament, filled with stability, to start from scratch as a hypnotherapist. It was a period of uncertainties and courage, but also of personal and professional growth; I definitely found myself out of my comfort zone. Facing this significant change allowed me to develop new skills of adaptation and resilience, and opened the way for a new journey full of possibilities.

4. How do you balance your personal life with your corporate/entrepreneurial life? I discovered in my journey of self-discovery that life is a matter of balance. When we are not balanced, life becomes heavy and misaligned because we are not aligned with our essence. This was a great lesson when I experienced burnout. After this experience, I made a career transition and now I help women reconnect with this balance, so they don't end up suffering psychologically, mentally, and physically. It is essential to find this balance between personal and professional/entrepreneurial life to preserve our health and well-being.

5. What is your biggest dream? My biggest dream is to share the knowledge of how our minds work with as many women as possible and empower them so that their minds do not limit them but become powerful allies. I want to inspire women to recognize the incredible potential of their minds and help them turn any obstacle into an opportunity. I firmly believe that knowledge, when used, becomes a tool for self-awareness and power to break barriers. I believe in the elevation of collective consciousness. When we elevate this consciousness, we impact future generations.

6. What is your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement is living a life with more lightness, letting go of the illusion of ego and control, and trusting that there is something greater orchestrating us. I learned that being a strong woman doesn't have to be destructive; it can be light, and today I live that lightness. I understood that if we don't heal our internal wounds, we end up hurting those we love.

7. Book, movie, and woman you admire.

Book: "The Heroine's Journey." This book was extremely impactful for me as it emphasizes the reconnection with the feminine, something often forgotten by us women due to the excessive masculine energy we employ in the professional/corporate world.

Movie: "The Family Man," starring Nicolas Cage. This movie represents the "what if?"—we often limit ourselves to living with the doubt of "what if?" for the rest of our lives. As a therapist, it is crucial to allow yourself to explore other possibilities. I always put this into perspective when working with my clients: WHAT IF it works out?

Woman: Oprah Winfrey. For me, Oprah is an inspiring figure who overcame personal challenges and adversities to become one of the most influential women in the world.


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