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Camila Cavalcante

Our Positive Woman is Camila Cavalcante. She has been fascinated by the world of fashion and beauty since childhood. Just as she was about to enter college to delve deeper into these subjects, she discovered an autoimmune condition and a serious problem with her lymphatic system. In an effort to recover, she began to dress up every day and saw her self-esteem reborn. Today, she is a style consultant, has opened a school, and helps women better manage their own image through the Cá Cavalcante School of Fashion.

1. How did your career begin? I have always been passionate about fashion, but being from the interior of São Paulo, I thought it was impossible to work in fashion, so I went into the sciences and studied chemistry, which has nothing to do with fashion. Years later, after getting married, I moved to Portugal, where I've lived for 15 years, because my husband received a job offer there. I thought that was the perfect moment to change careers. I started researching fashion schools in Portugal, and when I had finally decided to study Fashion Design at the Lisbon School of Fashion, I discovered that I was ill. I had to return to Brazil and undergo nine surgeries in three months due to an autoimmune disease, and it was during this period that I realized how much taking care of my exterior strengthened my interior. At that moment, I decided to switch from Fashion Design to Image Consulting and Styling because I didn't want to create fashion products; I wanted to help other women feel better about their image in the mirror, as it was incredibly powerful for my healing and acceptance of my health issues. The fact is, all women go through problems in their lives, and being well with ourselves makes everything else lighter.

2. How is the Cá Cavalcante School of Fashion business model structured? The Cá Cavalcante School of Fashion has a distance learning structure with free courses and professional training in the areas of fashion and personal image. All our courses are 100% online, and our training programs, which have graduated more than 4,500 professionals in the last 5 years, are endorsed and recognized by the MEC (Brazilian Ministry of Education). Today, we have a team of more than 25 collaborators working remotely from various parts of the world, making the Fashion School operate every day. We have students in over 25 countries, and we are training professionals of excellence who are transforming their lives by working with something profitable and that they love, while also transforming the lives of many women through self-knowledge and empowerment generated within the process of image and style consulting.

3. What was the most difficult moment in your career? The beginning was undoubtedly very difficult. After all, it was a different time—I graduated in 2009, a time when people were completely unaware of the profession. In the past, it was believed that a consultant would throw out everything the client had in their closet and dress them in something completely different from what they were used to or desired. This is a huge myth; in reality, our job is to understand the client's image desires and translate that through their personal style, using the full potential already present in their wardrobe, making acquisitions and discards as needed, not by the consultant's imposition. It was then that I felt the need to go online to educate people about the profession and the techniques of outfit assembly. To do this, I created my blog called "Estilo a Qualquer Custo" (Style at Any Cost) because I have always believed that having style is easier and cheaper than "being fashionable."

4. How do you balance your personal and professional/entrepreneurial life? It's not easy at all. I would be lying if I said it is easy, and I could foster the false notion that everything is very easy and quick for those who work with the internet. But it's quite the opposite. By working with technology, we have to be in constant evolution and learning to remain growing and relevant in the market. I work many hours a week, and having a normal routine is not always possible, especially during launch periods. However, my husband and daughter help me a lot today with the school during these periods, and having their support makes everything flow and become easier. Today, the option to continue living in Portugal was a choice to have a better quality of life, and regardless of the busy week or whether we are in a launch period or not, Sunday at home is a day for rest and family time.

5. What is your biggest dream? To have events in different countries around the world, as we currently have students from over 25 countries. I want to continue empowering these entrepreneurial women, helping them find their place in the fashion world through image and style consulting.

6. What is your greatest achievement? The birth of my daughter was undoubtedly my greatest personal achievement. Professionally, it was discovering my life's purpose in helping other women feel better about their image. If I hadn't chosen image and style consulting, I probably wouldn't have found my place in the fashion world and wouldn't feel as fulfilled.

7. Book, movie, and woman you admire:

Book:"The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brené Brown. It's a book that talks about the importance of vulnerability in being brilliant human beings within our own imperfections, as this is what truly makes us authentic.

Movie: "King Richard," the film that tells the life story of tennis sisters Venus and Serena Williams, showing the importance of having a vision for what you aspire to and the importance of not giving up until you achieve it.

Inspirational Woman: Luiza Trajano, founder of Magazine Luiza. She teaches us the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset. I believe that 80% of an entrepreneur's success lies in having a growth mindset and being resilient to adversities that may arise along the way. In Luiza's case, I have no doubt that this is what has kept her in constant growth and relevant in the market for so many years.



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